Wet Sanding and Polishing Kit

Wet Sanding and Polishing Kit

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Our polishing compounds are the best in North America. They require less sanding and still give you the degree of shine you're after. From relic'd to the "wet" look, you can get it here.

We provide what you need to get there all in one kit.P grade wet sand paper and top of the line polishing compounds. Each kit includes,

p400- use for fixing any sags, runs, spatters or mistakes during the finishing process

p800- use for final level sand before final top coat or begin your wet sanding here

p1000 start wet sanding at 1000 minimum sand until entire guitar body is matte

p1200 continue wet sanding through this grade (should appear matte and level) you can start polishing here if you wish 

p1500 sand minimum to here before using medium fine compound (finish should start looking polished) you can start polishing if you wish 

p2000 finish wet sanding and begin with medium fine compound (finish with uniform sanded body) you can start polishing if you wish

Move to medium fine compound

Medium/Fine Polish

Machine or hand polish with a soft cloth or pad of your choice. Apply to pad or guitar body. 

Fine/Extra Fine Polish 

Continue polishing with fine/extrafine polish until the "wet" look is achieved. 


*Tip- you can use a spray bottle with water and a small drop of dishsoap as lubrication. This will help you polish and prevent burn through of your finish. Very helpful for first time finishers. Certain professionals in the furniture business cut and polish nitro after 2 days using alcohol.