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This product is a breeze to use. Water based, easy applied, dries quickly and sands easily. Two applications are recommended for a mirror finish. Unlike other fillers this product can be filled sanded and sprayed in a days time. Other fillers take longer to apply, dry and are not always compatible with Nitrocellulose. 

Our product is supplied in 8oz tin form and should be watered down into a slurry and applied to your project.

This product is supplied in a neutral colour, but can be dyed to replicate any finish. Ask us for a custom recipe or have us do it for you for a small charge. We have several vintage grain filler recipes to use. From neutral colours for your Broadcaster Filler to Gibson's Cherry or Dark Walnut Fillers.

Use specifically on open grain woods.

I highly recommend a wash coat prior to applying. This will make filling easier and faster. It will also not allow the colour of the dyed fillers to absorb into the wood. 

Step 1 - Add water to tin container until slurry is achieved.

Step 2- Brush on, with the grain pushing filler in ( you can always also go against the grain to make sure filler is pressed in, let sit.

Step 3 - After a few minutes scrape filler away against the grain pattern, let dry 1 Hour

Step 4 - Light sanding, and possible second application. Repeat until grain is filled (generally 2 applications for a mirror finish)

Run your finger nail against the grain pattern. You will feel a completely flat surface if the pores are all filled.