Finished Products/ Testimonials

Bass Refin
Adam chose to replicate a very famous bass using our Faded Fiesta Red and Fiesta Red over white primer.The neck was done with our Historic Neck Tint.
62 Reissue Refin

"Honestly, I love it and the result could not be better for me and my vision for this guitar." - Dave 

Aged 51 Nocaster

"I sent Great Lakes a body and neck to finish for me. I told them what I wanted and they completely replicated my dream!" - John

Korona Flying V
Korina Flying V
This Flying V was finished in our clear nitrocellulose lacquer. You can add aged clear for a vintage look.
Left: This Telecaster was finished in Sherwood Green with an aged clear coat.
Right: This Telecaster was finished in Fiesta Red with a clear coat.
This Telecaster was finished in Black with a clear coat. The finished was then dulled and aged.

This telecaster was finished in our Daphne Blue over black and aged in our light relic.