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Bass Refin
Adam chose to replicate a very famous bass using our Faded Fiesta Red and Fiesta Red over white primer.The neck was done with our Historic Neck Tint.
62 Reissue Refin

"Honestly, I love it and the result could not be better for me and my vision for this guitar." - Dave 

Korona Flying V
58 Korina Flying V


Sunburst 7th Line Bass

7th Line Sunburst Double Cut

Custom Colour Match TV Yellow (Nuhn Guitars

Faded Sonic Blue


Cherry SG

Ebony 335

Sonic Blue Refin


T-59 Refin

Metallic Purple Mustang Refin

Super Aged strat

Freshly Sprayed Sunburst Super Strat (3 Tone)

Dark Burst (7th Line Guitars)


Shell Pink With Gold Guard

Fiesta Red 

Classic Aged Clear Headstock

1958 Gibson Double Cut Restoration

Tv Yellow

Gibson Custom Shop Headstock Break Repair "Fantastic product ! Thank’s for the great support, the best Nitrocellulose on the market ! "

A Perfect Gibson Repair

Whether you're in your Shop, Garage or backyard our lacquers always give the perfect finish

A variety of Custom, Faded and Stock Colours sprayed in this customers "backyard booth"



Faded Capri Orange




Custom Shop 1963 Sherwood Green JGR

Metallic Blue 

Surf Green (7th Line Guitars)

Custom Yellow With a Roasted T-56 Maple Neck


Custom Quartersawn S-59 Neck

Murray Came to us with a massive issue. Someone decided to make this Genuine 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior a Gold Top. After some comunication back and forth we decided on a top refin and repair. The results speak for themselves.

Jacques had a Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul that had a great headstock repair break... but a less than stellar finish on it. Ebony lacquer and a polishing kit later this repair is absolutely flawless.

Another Flawless Gibson repair using a variety of aged clears and a little guidance. Extremely well done.

Metallic Purple Mustang

Among many other things such as guitars, cars motorcyles and paintings. We've added amp finishing to the list. This awesome Deluxe Reverb has been finished in Sherwood Green and Sea Foam Green.

Aged Vintage White


Royal Dark Red Ibanez

7th Line Guitars Custom Work Black Over Dakota Red



Daphne Blue Over Dakota Red


Silver Burst (By First Time DIYer) Prior to Aged Top Coats

Aged Top Coat

Neon Pink Gibson SG