Custom Orders

 Our custom order options are something we want you to love. We want your build to be something you're proud of and we can help every step of the way. 

Once your order is set we will be in touch with you via phone or email (your choice) to go over your needs. We take every detail into consideration with this process to get your build to looks like it's been pulled out of a 70 year old guitar case.

What can I expect out of my Order?

We get asked about this all the time. We've spent a great deal of time replicating old finishes. You can expect your parts to look old, not new. With thin flashcoat finishes that hug the grain patterns on the guitar bodies. Even on Alder the grain will be apparent. Natural occurring vintage checking and tasteful dings, dents, chips and wear.

Our Bodies are made when ordered and custom for you. They have your name on them and are then finished in the colours of your choice.

Can be purchased here,

Please email for colour list with over 100 finishes for your custom order. 

Body Styles Include,


Made from choice swamp ash and made to vintage 1952 Fender Telecaster Specs. Routed for SS, diagonal wiring route and recessed ferrules.


Made from choice Alder and made to vintage 1956 Fender Telecaster specs. Routed for SS, diagonal wiring route and Recessed Ferrules.

T-68 Thinline

Made from either Alder or Swamp Ash. Made to Vintage Fender 1968 Thinline Specs. Features SS, recessed ferrules and Thinline wiring.

T-72 Deluxe

Made from choice Alder. Made to vintage 1972 Telecaster Deluxe Specs. Features HH routing and Tele Deluxe wiring for a custom pickguard. Also available in Thinline construction. 

T-72 Custom

Made with choice Alder. Made to Fender Telecaster Custom 1972 Specs. Routed for SH, recessed ferrules and Tele Custom Wiring.


Made from choice Alder. Made to vintage 1957 Fender Stratocaster Specs. Features SSS routing, vintage tremolo bridge routing. Available as hardtail.


Made From choice Swamp Ash. Made to vintage 1955 Fender Stratocaster Specs. Features SSS, vintage tremolo bridge routing. Available as hardtail.


Made from choice Swamp Ash or Alder. Made to vintage 1950 Fender Esquire Specs. Features a single coil bridge route and recessed ferrules.

JM-58 or JM-59

Made from Choice Swamp Ash(58), choice Alder(59). Made to Vintage Jazzmaster Specs. Features routing for historic Jazzmaster Layout and tremolo bridge.


Made from either choice Swamp Ash or Alder. Made to vintage 1962 Fender Jaguar Specs. Features the historic Jaguar routing layout and tremolo bridge. 


Made from choice Swamp Ash. Historic 1951 Flat body Fender Precision Bass with one single coil pickup. Milled for recessed ferrules.


Made from either Swamp Ash or Alder. Same as 1951 but with rounded contours.


Made from choice Alder. Made to 1962 Fender Precision Bass specs and pickup routing.


Made from either choice Alder or Swamp Ash. Made to 1960 Fender Jazz Bass specs. With historic J Bass pickup routing.


Made from choice Alder. Made to Vintage 1964 Fender Mustang Specs that feature two single coils and mustang bridge.


All Bodies are made from choice wood and feature either 2 or 3 piece bodies for vintage correctness. Your choice, Unless otherwise requested. (Charge will Apply for 1 piece)

Left handed available. Leave in the notes at checkout. 


Our Vintage Packages

We've updated our packages to make it easier on our customers looking for specific finishes while not confusing them with others and separating yellowed lacquer top coat ageing.

GL Lush - Very light ageing. Little lacquer checking, very little dings dents and wear. Replicating a guitar that was played and well cared for. This is not an NOS finish. It is meant to replicate a very old guitar with little play time. It will be aged.

*GL Lush Plus- This finish is the same as the original package but with added lacquer yellowing

GL Lite - Light ageing. Lacquer checking with light chips, dings and wear. Lacquer lightly sunken into the grain. Replicating a guitar that was played but mostly aged in its case for 70 years.

*GL Lite Plus - This finish is the same as the original package but with added lacquer yellowing.

GL Journeymen - Medium ageing. Moderate/medium dings and chips, lacquer sunken into grain patterns, lacquer checking and playwear.

*GL Journeymen Plus - Same as original package but with added lacquer yellowing.

GL Aged - Aged (including arm wear) chips, dings and playwear, lacquer sunken into grain pattern, lacquer checking.

*GL Aged Plus - This finish is the same as the original with a heavier yellowed appearance.

Finished in a flashcoat or true historic finish.

The Flash Coat Finish

Why we use a flash coat finish. Simply put. It makes the guitar instantly feel broken in and aged. It's different from a high gloss factory finish. It's still a gloss finish. Less degree of shine and it melts into the guitar beautifully leaving a broken in feel that's ultra thin. Fender uses this on their high end 50's custom shop telecasters and recently their Vintage Custom 50's Pine Esquire. Gibson used this method heavily for a time period around the 60's before their final buff.

 True Historic

Very thin lacquer that is wet sanded between coats and a final cut and light polish to replicate an old finish.

For an additional charge (99$) you may send us a sample of a colour you want to be custom matched. We also will match to quality pictures provided by the customer.

Custom Necks

* Must be sent to us for finishing.








S-59 Journeymen Olympic White 

Faded LBP T-59 Journeymen Ageing

Custom JM-59 In Oxblood with Block Inlay and heavier wear


T-52 in Aged Butterscotch Blond

Another Beautiful Paisley Guitar Aged to a specific 68



See Vintage Refinishing for details

Timeline 14-20 weeks

By request we will offer LP finishes in either 1957 Gold Top, or 1959 Cherry Sunburst. Contact us to go over your ageing package. Prices for LP finishing start at 899.99. Body/neck must be sent to us in its case.


Custom Colour Orders

We can also do custom colour matches for you. Imagine if you could walk into the Fender or Gibson Custom Shop with a picture of a guitar and say "I'd like a quart of this please". Well you can actually do that here. Reach out to speak with us if there is a specific colour you're after. Sample must be provided for exact match.

Custom colour matches start at

150$ Opaque or translucent colour

200$ Metallic colours or pearl colours

Option to put colours into custom aerosol or standard containers. Aerosol cans are extra charge.

We can also match colours to pictures for people who can't provide samples. Reach out to us to start the process. This method requires great attention to detail. As far as we know we are the only shop around that can match nitrocellulose lacquer colours to pictures and put them into aerosol form. You must provide good pictures in order to match correctly. 

If you need larger quantities of nitro you're in the right place. Ask for our price list on quarts for custom colours and quarts/gallons for sealers, primers and clears. We supply many builders with vintage correct custom colours in north america. If we we have it in stock you can order it. If we don't.... we can match any colour you need (Sample provided) Email us to set up your custom invoice to be sent to you. Larger quantities require a custom shipping rate which is included in your invoice.