Custom Orders

Our custom order options are something we want you to love. We want your build to be something you're proud of and we can help ever step of the way. Whether you pick a package, just need a specific colour or guidance we can help you.

Vintage parts, nitro lacquers and colours are the keys to a successful build. Reach out to us to start an amazing recreation of some of the most sought after guitars the world has to offer. 

Once your order is set we will be in touch with you via phone or email (your choice) to go over your needs. We take every detail into consideration with this process to get your build to looks like it's been pulled out of a 70 year old guitar case.

What can I expect out of my Order?

We get asked about this all the time. We've spent a great deal of time replicating old finishes. You can expect your parts to look old, not new. With thin flashcoat finishes that hug the grain patterns on the guitar bodies. Even on Alder the grain will be apparent. Natural occurring vintage checking and tasteful dings, dents, chips and wear.

Once you have sent us an email requesting an invoice you will be sent a package via email. This will give you everything you need to start your process. You will be sent a build sheet to fill out with the options provided by us. From colours, to neck profiles, woods, figured woods, radius, fretboard, frets,  to custom options. You fill out the build sheet, send it back to us via email and we will build you an invoice for approval. This provides customers with a couple of things. The time they need to make choices and the prices associated with those changes.

Custom Options

Our colour list for starters on custom orders is but not limited to,


Aztec Gold
Arctic White
Butterscotch Blond
Broadcaster Blond
Nocaster Blond
Burgundy Mist
Candy Apple Red
Candy Tangerine CAO
Candy Apple Green
Daphne Blue
Desert Sand 1955
Desert Sand 1959
Dakota Red
Fiesta Red
Sonic Blue
Lake Placid Blue
Metallic Blue
Metallic Purple
Inca Silver
Classic Copper
Shell Pink
Surf Green
Sea Foam Green
Sherwood Green
Tahitian Coral
Taos Turquoise
Olympic White
Vintage White
Pacific Peach
Faded Daphne Blue
Faded Sonic Blue
Faded Surf Green
Faded Sea Foam Green
Faded Fiesta Red
Faded Shell Pink
Faded Tahitian Coral
Faded Dakota Red
Aged Sherwood Green
Aged Burgundy Mist
Aged Lake Placid Blue
Faded Capri Orange
Surf Pearl
Black Pearl
Shell Pink Pearl
Sea Foam Pearl
White Pearl
Cimarron Red
Faded Cimarron Red
Alpine White
Polaris White
Polar White
Olive Drab
54-57 Two Tone Sunburst
58-64 Three Tone Sunburst
64-66 Three Tone Sunburst
54 Chocolate Two Tone Sunburst
59 Chocolate Three Tone Sunburst
Mystic Sunburst
Tobacco Burst
Cherry Burst
Dark Night Burst
Sparkle Burst
Mocha Burst
Candy Burst
TV Yellow
LP Gold
Antique Natural
Walnut 522
Trans Sonic Blue
Trans Daphne Blue
Trans Shell Pink
Trans Seafoam Green
Trans Fiesta Red
Trans Dakota Red
Dark Metallic Purple
Dark Forest Green
Dark Blue
Dark Mocha Brown
Mystic Dakota Red
*Paisley (1968)

* Colour Over Sunburst 

*Colour Over Colour 

*Colour Over Paisley 

For an additional charge (99$) you may send us a sample of a colour you want to be custom matched.

*Also available. You can get any of these colours in a racing stripe or competition stripe finish. Ask us about it. 

Custom Necks

Are available through our Vintage packages. The basic breakdowns are,

S-57, S-59, T-51/52, T-56, T-59, JM-59, JGR-62, JGR-66, JM-66.

Their basic breakdowns are fully explained in the package description but we do have the ability for custom options at an upcharge.  Here are some examples of our exceptionally high quality necks. They are a perfect fit and finish paired with the body for your build.

You can customize your builds neck with upcharge options. Options include AAA Flame Maple, Roasted, Quartersawn, 100% Rosewood Necks, Dark Rosewood Fretboards, Fret size, Vintage Binding, Vintage Block Inlay Or a combination of them. Ask us about it if you're interested in a custom neck with your package.

From Satin, Aged, Worn, to Gloss we can replicate any colour and finish.

Ask us about your build

Here are some examples of our proper headstock shapes, from every shape and size from the Vintage Era and CBS era.

These shapes are raw maple (prior to finish). The Nitrocellulose finish you choose will set your neck apart from others as well as greatly enhance flame maple and quartersawn grains.










Finished Bodies

We offer vintage bodies with flashcoat lacquer finishes in choice colours. Choose from our vintage body styles,

T-51 Swamp Ash

T-56 Alder

T-59 Double Bound Alder

JM-59 Alder

S-57 Alder

JGR-62 Alder

T-68 Thinline

Vintage Neck and Body combos available. All of the available bodies paired with their respective year necks. Finished in the nitrocellulose package of your choice.

These are vintage recreations of the most iconic guitars from the golden years. Open your box to the sweet smell of Nitro and the fit and finish of a vintage instrument.

Timeline 14-20 weeks


You can send us your "Fender Style" unfinished guitar body or neck to finish. Prices for bodies start at 449 email for more details. Neck prices start at 199. 

Timeline 14 weeks


Custom Colour Orders

We can also do colour matches for you. Reach out to speak with us if there is a specific colour you're after. Sample must be provided for exact match.

Custom colour matches start at

150$ Opaque or translucent colour

200$ Metallic colours or pearl colours

Option to put colours into custom aerosol or standard containers. Aerosol cans are extra charge.

We can match colours to pictures for people who can't provide samples. Reach out to us to start the process. This method requires great attention to detail and isn't something you'll easily find.

Bigger Builder?

If you need larger quantities of nitro you're in the right place. Ask for our price list on quarts for custom colours and quarts/gallons for sealers, primers and clears. We supply many builders with vintage correct custom colours in north america. If we we have it in stock you can order it. If we don't.... we can match any colour you need (Sample provided) Email us to set up your custom invoice to be sent to you. Larger quantities require a custom shipping rate which is included in your invoice.