What you will need

Here is a short list of items you will need for your project, after you grain fill (if needed) and have a smooth flat surface.

For an custom colour opaque finish,

1 can sealer

1 can primer

1 can colour

3-4 cans of clear coat (4-8 coats for vintage, 10-12 for a thicker finish)

Natural finish

1 can sealer

4-5 cans clear coat

For sunburst please check our sunbursts page.

Other items for an easy project,

Sand paper (220,320,400,600,800,1000,1500,2000)

Tack cloth (keep unwanted dust off your guitar)

Lint free cloths

Naptha , mineral spirits (for clean up)

A respirator ( always use while spraying)

Polishing compounds

Polishing cloths

Everything you need to know is written in our pages but, if you would like a video to follow step by step I highly recommend Lone Star Guitars on Youtube.


If this is your first time finishing. Buy more than you think you will need. It is better to have a small amount left than to have to buy more mid project.