What you will need

Doing a nitrocellulose finish is a great way to learn, gain experience finishing and save a ton of money on a custom shop finish. It isn't "free" or "cheap" but it is the most cost effective way to achieve this finish. Professional refinishing starts around 400-500$ for a professional and goes up from there. Here you can purchase the lacquer and refinish your guitar yourself for under 200$. You can not do a finish with 2 cans of lacquer. You just can't. Buy everything you need the first time, plan right, ask questions, take your time and you will end up with the nitrocellulose finish of the custom shop quality.

Here is a short list of items you will need for your aerosol project,

Fender style

For an custom colour opaque finish,

1 can sealer

1 can primer

1 can colour

3-4 cans of clear coat (4-8 coats for vintage, 10-12 for a thicker "factory" finish)

Sunburst Finish

Please see our Sunburst page for tips on this specific process.

1 can sealer

1 can yellow toner

1 can red toner (3 tone sunburst)

1 can dark salem

3-4 cans clear coat

Natural finish

1 can sealer

4-5 cans clear coat

Full Sized Gibson Style Guitars (Set In Neck)

 The number of cans above are based on a Fender guitar body. For full sized guitars you may require more lacquer. (Body and Neck Combination) * This varies based on finishing experience.

Custom Colour 

Shop Filler 1 can

Sealer 1-2 cans (open grain woods may require more build "Mahogany")

Colour 1-2 cans

Clear 4-5 cans

The Bursts

Once again a Mahogany/maple combination

Shop Filler 1 can

Sealer 1-2 cans 

Yellow Toner or Dye

Red Toner (Burst Edge) / Tobacco Toner (Burst Edge)

Clear coat 4-5 cans

Other items for an easy project,

Shop Grain Filler (for open grain woods)

Sand paper (220,320,400,600,800,1000,1500,2000)

Tack cloth (keep unwanted dust off your guitar)

Lint free cloths

Naptha , mineral spirits (for clean up)

A respirator (always use while spraying)

Polishing compounds

Polishing cloths

Everything you need to know is written in our pages. If you have any questions please email us. We'd  be happy to help.


*If you are newer to finishing. Buy more than you think you will need. It is better to have a small amount left than to have to buy more mid project.