Our Products

These are professional grade finishing products. Made available to even the DIY market through custom filling. After years of developing and creating North Americas best colours we've developed a system to offer them to everyone. We have our own aerosol filling machine for the DIY builders or standard tins for professional builders. We aren't your everyday retail store. Everything is mixed and made fresh when ordered.

All of our lacquers are now available in custom filled aerosols, 4oz, 8oz , *Quart and *Gallon variations. Our lacquer is the highest quality in North America and is supplied ready to spray. This ensures you have the best nitrocellulose possible and the right amount for any project you may have. Whether you are a first time finisher or a professional builder we have exactly what you need to get the job done right with the right colours. We've done everything from guitars, motorcyles, cars to custom paintings.

We are the only shop in North America to mix and fill orders fresh when ordered. You can be assured you're getting fresh products that haven't been sitting on a shelf for over a year. Every order with us truly is a custom order filled just for you.

Our dyes are world class. They are able to be mixed in almost anything. Water, Alcohol, Lacquer Thinner etc.

Our wet sanding and polishing kit is the best you'll find and is specific for nitrocellulose guitar finishing. Allowing you to sand less and still achieve the level of mirror finish you're after.

A lot of years and attention to detail have gone into our colours and finishing products. There isn't a shop around that provides what we can provide for your build as far as finishing goes.

Please feel free to browse our large selections of finishing products, colours and custom guitar parts to set your build apart from others.

Custom Shop

Our Custom Shop Bodies and Necks rival the best in North America. These are all made to vintage specs with era correct necks. They fit and can be paired with any Fender/Replica parts or hardware such as Kluson, Wilkinson, Allparts etc. Finished in your choice of colours. Browse our packages to select your parts in the finish of your choice.

We have updated our custom order process. Upon request/order, you will be sent a custom order package that lists all available upgrades, finishes, neck profiles and ageing packages. Once you have filled it out you may send it back to us. From there we will formulate a custom invoice for your approval.

With the best selection of Custom colours and Vintage colours available to you your options are endless.


Custom Lacquer Orders

Check our custom order page or contact us to get started. We supply great builders in North America with the guitar finishing products they need to get their builds right and set the apart from anything else you'll find.

We also do custom colour matches such as TV yellow or year specific bursts, alter in stock colours and help with finish repairs. With decades of experience we have the knowledge to help you with any project or issue you may have.

Custom Yellow with Roasted T-56 Neck

Fiesta Red S-59

Purple Metallic

Cherry SG

Custom TV Yellow

Surf Green

Sonic Blue

Daphne Blue over Dakota Red

Butterscotch T-51

Faded Fiesta Red JM-59

Ebony 335

Sherwood Green


"I would like to thank Great Lakes Custom Colour for their great service. I sent a question by email after hours and still received a reply within 3 hours...totally unexpected. With my answer I made my order and it arrived 2 days later. If the product is half as good as the service I'll be happy."


I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with my experience with Great Lakes Custom Colour. The customer service and support received since my initial email has been truly exceptional. Great Lakes did research on Gibson factory colours and provided custom paint matches for a nominal fee within a week of my request. I’ve bombarded them with countless questions on the finishing process via email and have been met with timely responses, advice and resources to ensure my project is a success. I HIGHLY recommend trusting Great Lakes for all your refinishing needs. This is the company to order Nitro from in Canada. Thanks again Great Lakes!

Dan L

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Ship to the United states?

Yes, we do. It is all done via email order. We ship lacquer in tins (to estabilished builders) and parts to the USA. Email us for your order via paypal. Do Not try and checkout on the website. It's strictly for shipping in Canada.

Can I get customized colours?

Yes, because we are a custom shop that offers different services we mix and fill our own colours in house. Looking for a custom shop super faded shell pink, sonic blue or seafoam green? We can do that. We are constantly developing new colours. If we have it in stock we can customize it for you. If we don't we can do a custom match for you (even from picrures). Send us an email to get started on your custom colour.


In Canada any business must follow the rules and regulations of the MTO/TDG. Businesses using any shipper (Fedex, UPS, Purolator) etc must have packages shipped properly under these regulations. Dangerous goods are no different. Lacquer itself falls under UN 1263. Nitrocellulose falls under UN 2059 and Aerosols are UN 1950. They must be shipped in consumer quantities or (Limited Quantities) and labeled as such. Our shipping rate follows these rules and regulations. If you notice your shipping increases it is due to these rules. We take great pride and speed in our shipping. Typically 1-3 business days in central Canada.