Our Aged Finishes

Let us start by saying there is big difference between ageing a guitar/making it look old than making it a "relic".

Relic is just a marketing term used to sell Custom shop Guitars. Don't get us wrong some of Fender's/Gibson"s tribute guitars are works of art. That's what it is. Art.. and art is subjective. Even if you don't like relics you should understand the story behind them before you judge. 

Yes, some of the are a bit over the top and using stencils to replicate age like they do or cutting checking lines with razor blades is just wrong in our opinion. That's where it can go over the top.

That's the difference between making a guitar look old and relicing it. Here we believe in making it look old. It involves way more than spray and smash/slash. Ageing the lacquer colour wise and finish wise is delicate and takes time. As well as different wood ageing. You have to understand how they work chemically.

If you want your guitar to look naturally old and not beat up you've come to the right place. Ask us about your build and what type of finish you're after. (You can reference pictures you have)

Our Packages

Closet Classic Finish - extremely light ageing. Lacquer checking with little to no chips or dings. Lacquer lightly sunken into the grain. Replicating a guitar that was played very little and mostly aged in its case.

Journeymen Finish - Played and loved. Moderate dings and chips, lacquer sunken into grain patterns, lacquer checking and playwear. 

Light Aged - Light wear, modrate chips, dings and playwear, lacquer sunken into grain pattern, lacquer checking.

* See finished bodies and necks


If you are trying to artificially age a finish yourself there are a few things to understand. The law of colours is a real thing. Using a tinted (amber or yellowed) lacquer over a colour will change the colour of your colour coat. It can be done with amazing results. Example, blue will become green, anything red will become orange, etc. If you apply your aged clear at the very end you will just sand through it in the buffing and polishing step. Sometimes adding a few clear coats after your colour coat will lessen the colour change when using a tinted clear. Experiment a bit and find what works for you. Fender and Gibson have made millions by doing this to replicate old finishes.

After spraying and studying finishes we have developed ways to break down how old guitars were finished. Ask us how to replicate a finish or let us do it for you.