About Us

Great Lakes Custom Colour is a family owned and operated company. We are 100% Canadian to supply people with the best Nitrocellulose lacquer and finishing products money can buy. Shipped right to your door! We have been around for quite a few years now (finishing guitars privately) but decided to make our lacquer and colours public in the spring of 2020. Making us Canada's first ever custom colour nitrocellulose lacquer company. Our colours are tried and tested. They are the best you'll find in North America. We have used them and perfected them for years so you can have the piece of mind that you are getting a 100% accurate finish with us.

We do all of the work ourselves from filling orders to finishing instruments. When you email or call you'll be speaking directly with us. We want our customers to have the best. That's why when you buy from us you will receive the exact lacquer we use in our custom shop. Filled specifically for you by us. Customer service is very important to us. If you have a problem, question, concern, colour suggestion etc. Please reach out to us. We would be happy to work with you on any concern you have. We will always stand behind our product and look after our customers.

Our colours have been meticulously matched to the exact colours Fender and Gibson used in the 50s and 60s. This takes time and attention to detail to get correct. Some makers try to match colours to vintage instruments, modern instruments or just get close. Although this method works, it does leave room for error. A guitar that has aged 50-70 years is not the same as it was the day it left the factory. Nitrocellulose ages gracefully on its own even kept in a case its whole life. So a colour that is matched to the neck pocket of a 62 strat isn't the same colour as the day it went on. That is why we match our colours correctly to the dupont colours they did so many years ago. Anything without a dupont history has been matched to vintage instruments like 50s Telecasters, Stratocasters, Bursts, or 60s SGs and by using actual notes from the manufacturers themselves. 

If you ever have any questions please feel free to email the shop. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for using Great Lakes Custom Colour.