Vintage Refinishing

Vintage Refinishing

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Repairs and refinishing is how we started into this business. To repair or restore something like an instrument is something special. We've even gone so far as to instruct people whom can't afford professional restoration over email and phone with great success. Bottom line for us, help people achieve what they want out of their instrument. 

These prices reflect bodies and necks that are sent to us stripped to bare wood or a new guitar body or neck part that's unfinished.

We only use Nitrocellulose Lacquer for finishing.

We use the same old fashioned process to finish instruments as our other products. With a flashcoat Nitrocellulose finish.

If you are unaware of a flashcoat finish please educate yourself. It is a historic old fashioned and very thin finish allowing the guitar to breathe and resonate freely. 

We frequently are asked this so we'll just make it available. Any of our non-metallic colours can be made translucent to be finished over swamp ash. Example, Trans Daphne, Sonic, Shell, Sea Foam, etc

Packages Available

*Closet Classic


*Light Aged 

*Extra Charges for bound bodies 75$

*Extra Charge for colour over Sunburst

* Reach out to us via email, Send us your part.Once we receive if we will notify you and go over your plan for your part. Any major sanding or repairs will be communicated to you and either sent back to you or an extra charge will apply. 

Any questions, please email us email us.

*Once your order is placed you will be contacted by us. Either by phone or email (your choice) to discuss your Guitar Body and or Neck. Any questions prior please email us.